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Call Memphis Crisis Center 24/7 at 901-274-7477 for helpto help

Call for HELP NOW:

(901) 274-7477

Any time DAY or NIGHT.
Completely confidential.


We've all been there. You are not alone.

Feeling alone, hopeless, depressed, or anxious? Maybe even suicidal. You are not alone. And these feelings don’t have to last forever.

Our trained volunteers are ready to talk with you and help you get through another day.

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Call for HELP NOW:

(901) 274-7477

No problem is too little or too insignificant

We’ll listen with compassion and be your point of entry into longer-term professional resources to relieve the worst of the stress and pain and ultimately, help you feel whole again.

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Suicidal thoughts

Alcohol or drug abuse

Sexual assault

Isolation and loneliness

Child abuse

Domestic violence



Relationship issues



Financial problems



Feeling hopeless


Fear or anxiety


Elder abuse

Emotional pain


LGBTQ concerns

HIV/STD concerns


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Call for HELP NOW: (901) 274-7477

Any time DAY or NIGHT. Completely confidential.

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Call for HELP NOW: (901) 274-7477

Any time DAY or NIGHT. Completely confidential.

  • Who can call the Memphis Crisis Center?
    Anyone who needs help. We are based in Memphis, Tenn., and often refer our clients to services within the metro Mid-South area, so we tend to help people who live within our service reach. If you are under the age of 18, there are programs to which we can refer you.
  • Does it cost anything to call the Memphis Crisis Center?
    No. We do not charge for our services. We are staffed by trained volunteers and funded by generous donors.
  • I’m not suicidal. I’m just having a really bad time in a relationship and feel lost. Can I call?
    Absolutely. The Memphis Crisis Center is here to talk and more important, to listen to you and help you find a solution or direction.
  • Can I come over and speak with a counselor?
    No, we are a 24/7 telephone hotline, but we do refer to programs that may provide personal, face-to-face counseling.
  • Do you offer long-term counseling?
    We do not offer long-term counseling, as we are a 24/7 telephone hotline. However, our volunteers do refer clients to programs that provide personal, long-term counseling.
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For more than half a century, the Memphis Crisis Center has been the voice of hope for thousands of people just like you. People who’ve lost their jobs, lost their family, lost their way. People who deserve the chance to feel better, if just for a moment. People who need a place to call for hope. Your donation will help to provide that hope.

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memphis crisis center volunteers answering crisis calls

New Volunteer Training & Orientation

If you feel the calling to help others, are a compassionate listener, and want to help those who call our lifeline, please consider volunteering your time. 

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